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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

MENA Development Partners is a recently formed joint-venture between: ·

  • Senior representatives and advisors to several of the Middle Eastern high-ranking dignitaries and officials who represent “the business side” of the very large infrastructure projects throughout the region and
  • A proven leader in business development of strategic business & global solutions in the US. She is a trusted advisor with long-term, consultative-type relationships with Global leaders of Fortune 1000 companies. The two parties have known each other for over 30 years & while this is their first venture together, they have both been very successful in their perspective regions for two decades.
  1. Are you looking for recommendations of companies with which to work and/or do you want to know if we are interested in forming a group in the Kingdom who can actually perform this work? Both. There is an option for companies who only want to come in to the Kingdom for a specific project or two (as a subcontractor) and that’s it. There is also an option to form a more formal company as a Joint Venture with a company that already has an official presence in the KSA. The third option is to form a locally-owned company with a high ranking senior dignitary as a Board Member if desired. There are many benefits that can be had with one of these dignitaries as part of your organization.
  2. Ok, so your client has been awarded these contracts? Have you been able to view the contract documents to verify this? We have access to many projects from $20 million US to $1.6 billion US. We have the details before they are released publicly and sent to tender/bid. If a company has the proven ability that they can handle projects of the size and capacity at which they are, and terms of a non-disclosure & fee structure are agreed upon and signed, we will at that point-in-time be able to share all the specs, details and information about the project. Please note, by signing this contract, you are ONLY required to pay fees if you decide you want the project and you sign the formal contract for the project. Our agreement is simply a no commitment contract. If terms are agreed upon, it will not be necessary to go to bid/tender, we will present you directly to the main contractor and the project will be yours.
  3. We are well aware of the numerous projects in the Kingdom. In fact, we have actually completed several procurement and consultancy contracts in the Kingdom in the past 2 years. In our experience, there is a lot of work to do in order to qualify in the Kingdom for jobs of this magnitude. Indeed, the process is long, confusing and often expensive. This is precisely why MENA Development Partners was formed. We have the relationships and insight into the Middle East to eliminate (or greatly reduce) this kind of red tape and bureaucratic lethargy.
  4. Does your client currently operate under license in the Kingdom? MENA Development Partners is an LLC in the US. However, our partners in the Middle East do operate under a license in the Kingdom.
  5. Does your client have the appropriate finances to fund these projects? Funding for 98% of all of these projects is directly from the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Your company will not have to find funding, it is already taken care of and most of the projects have already been funded. Depending on the end-user, payments can be very inconsistent and as such, your client should be well-prepared to cover financially in the event payments are late. NOTE: MENA Development Partners has no liability for payments, regardless of country. Payments & payment schedules are negotiated directly through your company and the main contractor. MENA has no responsibility for any late payments..
  6. Are payments initiated via an LC that is tied to a construction schedule? Yes, through the schedule established between your company and the main contractor.
  7. Are these contracts with the Government or are they purely private sector initiatives? At least 98% will be government projects. At this time, the only projects that we have access to are government funded.
  8. Do these contracts include performance bonds/guarantees? Not at this time unless they are offered by the main contractor.
  9. Are there any advance payments? We cannot guarantee advance payments & it would be project-by-project. However, it is standard practice in the Middle East for certain large projects, there are funds available for the mobilization process. This is usually 10 -30%. MENA's Capability & Connections: We are offering you a simple and no-obligation proposal. If you feel projects are right for you and profitable, there's a good chance we will get it for you without going through a competitive bidding process. Unlike other major economies, in order to operate successfully in Middle East, you need strong local connections. If interested in these connections, we offer these them to the highest level of the senior dignitaries and influencers. We can help your company quickly establish itself in the Middle East through our connections, and to initiate your business for both immediate and upcoming projects. In such a situation you will face no problems, except to focus on your business. The rest will fall in place for you on account of these connections. We will also offer you many other projects going forward if you so desire.  
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